What a question! I’ll try to keep it brief…

I’m a friendly and genuinely nice person. I love going rock climbing with my friends, enjoying good food and drink (thanks to my last job, I’ve traded my love of French wine for Scotch Whisky). I’m fascinated by architecture and happiest under the sun (but manage to keep my chin up when it’s grey and gloomy out, too).

Professionally, I’m a more multi-faceted character. Over the last 13 years, I’ve specialised in multiple disciplines, developing and honing a versatile set of creative design skills, which I’ve drawn on to inspire, design and deliver 360°branding projects, from identity to the Last Three Feet.
I’ve spent the last three years client-side, where I directed all aspects of design and implemented cross-disciplinary creative thinking, while acquiring a ton of new marketing knowledge, for a portfolio of high-profile global brands.


My future creative tribe - people who see strength in diversity and are passionately creative. I aspire to lead a team of incredible personalities who aren’t afraid to rise to the challenge and deliver the freshest of ideas. I know they’re out there - maybe you’re one of them?

If so, Let’s meet!write me an email at claire@clairethirion.com I’m always up for a nice creative chat over coffee in London.

Here’s my CV, and if you fancy a bit of casual stalking, try here or there.